Plastibell Circumcision

The key feature of the Plastibell method is the use of the “bell”. This method causes the foreskin foreskin to fall off naturally by blocking blood supply, in a similar fashion to how an umbilical cord falls off. This contrasts with surgical methods where a cut is made to remove the foreskin – this will involve bleeding and […]

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ShangRing Circumcision

Advances in circumcision surgery have stagnated in recent decades. Ten years ago however, a landmark medical publication showed that circumcision strongly reduced the risk of HIV transmission in male participants of a clinical study, generating renewed interest in circumcision by the World Health Organisation and health officials worldwide. Realising that circumcision may help contain the HIV/AIDS epidemic in high-prevalence […]

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Types of Circumcision Procedures

The IMC is able to offer many methods of circumcision. The Plastibell method is recommended for babies, infants and young boys while surgical methods and the ShangRing™ are more suited to adult men. The method we use depends on the age and size of the glans and your preference. We can often offer more than one method to you – […]

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NHS Circumcision

The National Health Service (NHS) took the decision not to offer circumcision for religious, cultural, social or personal reasons – also known as non-therapeutic – in 1949, very soon after its inception. This is because circumcision is not a medical necessity. Their decision led to a decline in the number of individuals undergoing circumcision in the United Kingdom. A number of NHS hospitals did re-start […]

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Circumcision Infection: Recognition and Treatment

Using correct technique, circumcision has a low complication rate. An infected circumcision is an uncommon complication and is often minor. When infections occur after surgery, they are usually due to the disruption of the skin that acts as a barrier against infection. However clearly not all disruptions to the skin result in infections: we do not […]

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