Welcome to the IMC Circumcision Clinic London

Welcome to the IMC Circumcision Clinic London

The IMC Circumcision Clinic London has performed over 10,000 safe, pain-free circumcisions on males of all ages. Our award-winning centre performs circumcision in London using the most modern and safe methods paying close attention to achieving a good cosmetic outcome and minimising discomfort.

We serve a large community of London Muslims, a large adult community from across the UK, a local Jewish community, families of various cultural backgrounds and private patients for therapeutic circumcision. Whatever the reason is – we welcome all to use our services.

Reasons why people choose IMC – the leading Circumcision Clinic in London for children and adults

Any age at one place: We offer circumcision to maleĀ infants, babies, children, young men and adults.

Latest technology: The IMC is the leading innovator in private circumcision services in the UK. We are always monitoring ongoing research to achieve the best outcomes. Our expert doctors have been personally invited to and attended international research efforts in circumcision safety and innovation. Currently, we are the only centre in the Greater London area fully equipped and trained to use the adult ring method of circumcision, giving our adult patients a faster recovery time combined with a cleaner cut.

Specialist centre: We have performed over 10,000 circumcisions during a 27 year period. Our centre is fully equipped and experienced staff and specialists are on hand to answer questions. We produce our own information packs including helpful tips from our circumcision experts.

Consultants: Our specialist consultant surgeon can operate to treat both complicated and minor penile problems. Mr. Alla Amin MB ChB, MS, FRCS will see the majority of the patients needing a complicated therapeutic circumcision at a private hospital in London, followed up at the outpatient clinic. Our experienced team make the IMC an ideal place to come for treatment of phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis and other penile problems.

Circumcision leaders: Being the leading innovative centre in London, we were one of the early adopters of the PlastibellĀ® ring method for boys, which has since become a widely used method for babies and children. Clinic director and expert in PlastibellĀ®, Dr. Said Bakir MD MSc, has used this method since the late 1980s and has trained many of the circumcision practitioners in London in the use of this method, which helps to reduce bleeding and improves the cosmetic outcome, making it one of the most popular circumcision procedures today.

Experience: We understand that the most important factor for you in deciding who to choose for you or your son is experience. While being qualified and trained in medical and surgical methods is good, experience in a particular procedure improves outcomes. Dr. Said Bakir has performed circumcision year after year in London for over two decades. This is why most of the parents are referred to us by word-of-mouth from other happy mums and dads.

Local anaesthetic: All procedures are carried out using a local anaesthetic to numb the skin and make the procedure almost pain-free. We check the quality of the anaesthetic and the absence of pain prior to starting the operation. Generally, the quick local anaesthetic injections are the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Disposable sterile equipment: All our tools and instruments are certified sterile and for single-use only, which prevents cross contamination and infection.

Aftercare help and assistance: You will be given an out-of-hours number which, should you have any concerns, can be contacted any time.

Take-home packs: Our care does not end when you leave the clinic. We provide parents helpful packs to advise on after-care following circumcision: what to expect on the day, how to care for your child after the procedure and the expected progress of the child with an image guide. It has specifically been written by our centre for the circumcision procedures that we do and based on best-practices and the 27 years of experience we have accumulated. All the initial medications and ointments are also provided.

Parking: There are no restrictions around our clinic so you can park here with ease. Our centre is located outside the London Congestion Zone.

Friendly staff: Our clinic staff are all experienced in dealing with issues surrounding circumcision.

Pricing: The price for the procedure includes a consultation, local anaesthetic, administration costs and the support you need to care for yourself or your son.

Free follow-up visits: Follow-up visits to the London clinic are also included in the price (if required).

Consultation Appointments: We can offer you a face to face consultation with one of our experts at our London clinic, with no commitment necessary.

Communication: Patients are given clear instructions from the staff on what to expect before the procedure, as well as instructions on after-care following surgery.

Home visits: For babies and young children, you can choose to either come to our clinic or have the circumcision carried out in the comfort of your own home across most of North London, West London, South London and East London.



0-2 years
Being technology leaders, we were the first clinic in London to perform Plastibell circumcision



3-6 years
Children aged 6 or under may be seen in clinic or may have their circumcision performed at home

Older boys

Older boys

7-15 years
Be sure to read our parents guide to emotionally preparing your child for circumcision



16+ years
We offer the most advanced circumcision procedure available in the UK: The Shang Ring

Some of our recent reviews:

Expertly and respectfully performed

The procedure and after care were explained thoroughly, and the circumcision was performed expertly and with the utmost respect. We have moved to Canada since the last time we spoke and have had another son, and we wished we were still in the UK so we could have brought him to your clinic – it was really the best experience. (The procedure here was not as quick and easy). Thank you!

Linda (and Jay)

100% satisfied with the Shang Ring procedure

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for making my circumcision a very pleasant and relaxed procedure. I felt totally relaxed and in very good hands with yourself. The whole procedure from start to finish was pain free and very professional. I was also pleased with the fact i was able to sit up towards the end and watch as you made the last few cuts and removed my foreskin. My only regret was I never asked if I could video the whole procedure on my iPod. I’ve enclosed a few pictures that I took when I got home. Even at this stage, I’m very pleased with how it looks. Thank you Dr Said Bakir and your staff. The whole experience from start to finish was very professional. I highly recommend any adult male wishing to be circumcised to have the Shang Ring method.

Mr. Graham Goffe

Pleasing results

I would just like to write to say thank you for the successful operation on my son. The ring fell off during the time expected and I am very pleased with the results. My son is really fascinated by the physical appearance. I will definitely recommend you.

Marjorie & Marcel McKoy

Patient and caring

A huge thank you to Dr. Bakir and his team. Everyone was so helpful, patient, and polite. So professional yet so caring. We recommend the IMC to all. Our son was only nine months at the time of the circumcision but he was not upset at any time. He was actually babbling with Dr. Bakir while the procedure was taking place.
100% satisfaction without a doubt. Once again, thank you so much to everyone.

Mr. & Mrs. Kabir

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External rating tracker: Circumcision at the IMC is rated 4.9 / 5 based on 11 reviews on Google Plus, Yell.com and WhatClinic.com.

You can contact a circumcision specialist in London and ask about the procedure by calling our reception on 02089540405, or contacting us online.

ExperienceServing the community for 27 years
Pain-freeLocal anaesthetic included
24-hour assistanceYou can call our emergency number any time
Sterile equipmentSingle-use certified tools for a safe experience