Adult Circumcision in London

Adult Circumcision in London

Circumcised man relaxing pain-freeThe IMC Circumcision London, under Dr. Said Bakir, is the leading innovative circumcision clinic in London and has performed over 10,000 successful circumcisions. As well as offering surgical techniques of adult circumcision, such as forceps guided and sleeve resection, the IMC is the only centre in the Greater London region to be fully equipped and trained to use the Adult Shang Ring method. Doctors perform circumcisions at our London clinic with no hospital admission required – a barrier for many men due to anxiety, embarrassment and cost.

We focus on safety, minimising discomfort and ensuring a good cosmetic outcome. It is these priorities that have allowed us to gain our word-of-mouth reputation that has provided us with appointment requests day after day, even since before the internet.

Circumcised men and their partners generally feel more hygienic and evidence suggests that circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections or developing penile cancer.

You do not need a referral from your GP. You are the only one that needs to decide whether you want a circumcision or not. You can simply ring, talk to our friendly team or request to speak to the doctor, and then book a free consultation and suitable appointment slot. Whether it’s for personal, cultural, Islamic, Jewish or any other reason, all are welcome to use our services.

Pain during the procedure is reduced due to the application of local anaesthetic. Some men take phone calls or happily read during their operation.

There are also some medical indications for circumcision – circumcision is a treatment for phimosis, paraphimosis, recurrent balanitis and various other problems. We are happy to discuss and treat these, although you may need to be seen as an outpatient in the local private hospital. Some men come to us after a “botched” circumcision procedure and we can usually see these men in our normal London clinic. Whatever the reason, we are happy to provide a consultation and discuss a tailored plan going forward.

Surgical methods for circumcision

Surgical circumcision such as forceps guided and sleeve resection can be used for older boys and adults. An adequate dose of local anaesthetic is applied to numb the skin pre-operatively and more may be used during the procedure or post-operatively if this is indicated, for example if the numbness is wearing off. Once numbness is assessed, the foreskin that is covering the glans is surgically removed.

Shang Ring circumcision

This newer method developed with full backing of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to reduce HIV worldwide by making circumcision safer and less invasive. As of 2018, we have performed over 500 circumcisions successfully using this device gaining positive feedback from these men. The main benefits of the Shang Ring are:

  • less pain
  • minimal bleeding
  • requires no stitching
  • requires no bandages
  • shower as normal immediately
  • time away from work minimal
  • no stitching marks

You can come in and learn more about the ring method by booking a free, no-strings attached consultation.

Circumcision London with ShangRing

Dr. Bakir with the inventor of ShangRing

Commonly asked questions

For adults, a free consultation appointment at our London clinic can be provided and is recommended prior to the circumcision operation. You can ask questions about the procedure, any concerns and discuss circumcision styles during the consultation.
This is variable and depends on the man and his occupation. For surgical circumcision, you should take around 1 week off work after circumcision. However with the Shang Ring method, recovery times tend to be a lot quicker, with most men only taking a day or two off; however, any strenuous activity should be avoided for longer.
We use equipment that is sealed, sterile and suitable for one-time whenever possible. This includes our dressing, rings and surgical tools. We always monitor on-going research to get the best outcomes. Our specialists travel all around the world in order to remain up to date with the latest innovation in circumcision so that our practice can be as safe as possible.
Yes, but you should book a consultation first. These tend to be men not happy about the cosmetic outcome of earlier circumcisions and we can certainly take a look and advise. There are usually procedures we can perform to improve things.
We recommend booking your appointment two weeks in advance of your preferred date. Please note that we kindly ask that any changes to your appointment be made at least 3 days in advance.

Our prices are all-inclusive, so you do not pay extra for the circumcision consultation, follow-up appointments, 24-hour support, local anaesthetic, take-home ointment, after-care instructions and flexible appointment options. You can book an adult circumcision appointment at our London clinic using the form below, by calling our reception on 020 8954 0405 or contacting us online. The fee is typically £500 for men older than 16 years of age.

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100% satisfied with the Shang Ring procedure

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for making my circumcision a very pleasant and relaxed procedure. I felt totally relaxed and in very good hands with yourself. The whole procedure from start to finish was pain free and very professional. I was also pleased with the fact i was able to sit up […]

Mr. Graham Goffe

Shangring Circumcision aged 70 years

I had Shangring circumcision aged 70 years. The staff were very helpful and professional. Had no pain and I’m very pleased with the results. I would recommend the clinic to anyone. A special thank you to the receptionist who was very helpful and charming putting me at ease.

Mr Harris

The definition of professionalism

The staff at IMC are utterly charming, thoroughly welcoming and consummately professional. Extremely slick surgery as well! I would recommend the service to any adult considering a revision procedure.

Cambridge University

Informative and reassuring

Very professional, clean, informative and reassuring. Better than I expected.

Anthony Grasso

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