Frenulectomy (frenulum removal)

Frenulectomy (frenulum removal)

Frenulectomy (also called a frenectomy) is the surgical cutting and removal of the frenulum of the penis. It may be requested as an additional procedure to be performed with a circumcision. It can also be performed to correct abnormalities of the penis involving the frenulum such as frenulum breve.

Tight / short frenulum (frenulum breve)

If the frenulum is too tight, it tugs on the glans (head of the penis) and can disable the foreskin from retracting fully. This can cause pain or bleeding during intercourse. A bleed due to this problem requires immediate medical attention to control the bleeding with sutures.

Circumcision is not necessary to fix frenulum breve.

Frenulectomy surgery

The procedure is simple. It involves the cutting and the removal of the frenulum. Stitching may or may not be required. The wound is dressed and allowed to heal over a couple of days. This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and is not generally particularly painful.

Free consultation

The IMC offers a free, no obligation appointment to chat about circumcision or frenulum removal procedures for individuals with no particular medical or surgical problem. In fact, you can use the same appointment booking page to see our availability and reserve a slot.

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