Circumcision clinic in London

Welcome to the circumcision centre at IMC – the place to come if you’re looking for a safe, easy male circumcision at our specialist clinic in Wembley, North West London.

Our well-recognised experts use some of the most modern and safe methods of circumcision – to find out more about these, visit our procedures page.

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin that covers the glans (head of the penis), and can be carried out at our London clinic for males of all ages.

Circumcision (also called khitan, khatna, tahoor, brit milah) is performed for personal, religious (Muslim, Jewish and others), cultural, hygienic or therapeutic reasons.

Reasons why people choose IMC – the specialist centre for circumcision

Latest technology: We are always monitoring ongoing research to get the best outcomes. Our specialists have been personally invited to and attended international conferences for safety and innovation in circumcision. We are one of the leading innovative circumcision practices in London. Currently we are the only centre in the Greater London area to be fully equipped and trained to use the adult ring method of circumcision, giving our adult customers a faster recovery time and a cleaner cut.

Specialist centre: Our centre and our leading experts have performed circumcision continuously for over 27 years which means the best results.

Consultants: As we have surgical consultants within our team, we can see all sorts of patients privately. Our doctors will be happy to discuss surgical or medical problems. Mr. Alla Amin MB ChB, MS, FRCS will see the majority of the patients with medical or surgical problems (please see notes at the bottom about therapeutic circumcision).

Circumcision leaders: Being the leading innovative centre in London, we were one of the early adopters of Plastibell® ring method for children which has since become the most popular method for children due to its excellent satisfaction and cosmetic result. The director of the IMC and expert in Plastibell®, Mr. Said Bakir MD MSc, has trained many now-successful circumcision practitioners in London in the use of this method.

Experience: We understand that the most important factor for you in deciding who to choose for you or your son is experience. Most practitioners who undertake circumcision have many years of experience in the medical field which is a desirable feature. But further, it is important for you that the practitioner has been continuously performing circumcision for many years. Our expertise extends to over 27 years in this field in particular. And over 27 years of happy clients means most of the parents are referred to us by word-of-mouth.

Disposable sterile equipment: All our tools and instruments are sterile and for single use only to prevent cross contamination and infection.

Local anaesthetic: All procedures are carried out using a local anaesthetic to numb the skin and make the procedure almost pain-free. Please note however that there will be some discomfort when applying the anaesthetic.

24 hour help and assistance: You will be given an out-of-hours mobile number which, should you have any concern, can be contacted any time.

Instruction leaflets: These are given to patients to advise on after-care following circumcision, what to expect on the day and how to care for your child after the procedure has been performed. It has specifically been written by us for the procedures that we do and based on best-practices and the vast experience we have accumulated.

Parking: There are no parking restrictions around our site (apart from on Wembley Stadium/arena event days). Our centre is outside the London congestion zone.

Friendly staff: Our staff are all experienced in dealing with issues surrounding circumcision. We are always interested in your opinion and welcome any comments or suggestions.

Pricing: The price of the procedure includes the local anaesthetic and the administration costs as well as an initial medication and after-care information pack.

Free follow-up visits: Follow-up visits to the London clinic are also included in the price (if required).

Free consultation: We offer adults a free consultation, with no commitment necessary.

Communication: Patients are given clear instructions from the staff at the London circumcision clinic on what to expect before the procedure, and instructions on after-care following surgery.

Home visits: For babies and children, you can choose to either come to our London clinic or have the circumcision carried out in the comfort of your own home across most of London and the Greater London areas.

Circumcision for all ages: At the IMC, circumcision is carried out on males of all ages (infants, babies, boys and adults).

Benefits and reasons for circumcision

Circumcision is a great way to protect yourself or your baby son throughout life. Surgical foreskin removal has many medical benefits and significantly reduces the risks of developing the following unpleasant and life-limiting illnesses:

Urinary tract infections 
Many people don’t realise that these can be serious. They can cause permanent damage to the urinary tract and kidneys. Studies have consistently shown an increased risk of UTI in uncircumcised males, with the greatest risk in infants younger than 1 year of age. A review of nine studies reported that the increased risk was 12-fold.

Sources:American Academy of PediatricsClinical Pediatrics (USA)

This painful, often recurring, swelling of the glans which can make urination difficult and even impossible, can be completely avoided by circumcision.

You significantly cut your risk of sexually transmitted infections by circumcision.

We know that the best way to avoid these life-limiting conditions is to have one trusted and infection-free sexual partner, but circumcision does offer some measure of protection. The World Health Organisation has said that circumcision should be added to the current interventions to reduce the spread of HIV.

Sources: BBC newsBritish Medical Journal

Cancer of the penis
Future-proof your health or that of your baby son with circumcision; cancer of the penis is rare (about 1 in 600 uncircumcised males according to one study) – but is almost unheard of in circumcised men.

Circumcision is the only treatment for tight foreskin (prepuce) and frenulum problems.

You should also know that your partner will most likely benefit from it too. Why? Because a circumcised penis is much easier to keep clean and almost odour-free.

The health benefits extend to your lady, too. Cancer of the cervix in women is due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which thrives under and on the foreskin, and can be transmitted during intercourse. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that male circumcision is associated with reduced risk of HPV infection and reduced risk of cervical cancer in their female partners.

Foreskin removal will allow you to enjoy all these health benefits for life – and the life of your partner.

You can contact a circumcision specialist in London and ask about the procedure by calling our reception. Therapeutic procedures (circumcision to correct medical or surgical problems) will be referred to Mr. Alla Amin, a consultant surgeon. You will be seen by the doctor at a nearby private hospital.

Explanation: Therapeutic and non-therapeutic circumcision.

  • Therapeutic circumcision: Therapeutic refers to treating medical or surgical problems. We refer all therapeutic patients to be seen at the Clementine Churchill Hospital. Please call us for further information.
  • Non-therapeutic circumcision: The procedure will be done at our circumcision clinic in London (Llanover Road, Wembley). Consent from parents/guardians is required for under 18s.